Post Treatment Supervision

Post Treatment Supervision (PTS) is a comprehensive, structured program of support overseen by certified addiction medicine physicians, psychologists and master's level therapists. The program includes random drug testing, relapse prevention groups facilitated by experienced professionals, regular case management, individual evaluations and coordination of medical and psychiatric care, and 24/7 support.

How does PTS work? Each participant signs an individualized contract based on their specific needs. This contract provides structured support and accountability and defines all elements of the program. Participants are randomly drug tested and are required to attend relapse prevention groups regularly. Each individual meets regularly with their primary PTS staff member for a thorough progress evaluation. Every participant's care is supervised by a certified addiction medicine physician.

PTS is available to anyone eighteen and older, who has successfully completed a primary treatment program for alcohol and/or drug abuse and dependence. PTS provides strong support for those in early recovery or individuals with a history of relapse.
Based on the extremely successful model of health professional monitoring programs, PTS dramatically increases the likelihood of long-term recovery when combined with primary treatment. Call us for more information at 877-457-3111.

California Professionals Health Programs

Physician health and well being is a prerequisite for quality health care. California Physicians Health Program provides a turnkey approach to helping organizations and individuals solve problems for troubled health care professionals.

Drs. Greenberg and Sucher are experts in the field of physician health and well being. Currently they are directing and managing the Physician Health Program for the Arizona Medical Board. Drs. Greenberg and Sucher have also worked with the Medical Board of California's prior Diversion Program. Their clients include numerous hospitals, physician groups and regulatory boards.

The California Physicians Health Program works with a full range of issues;
Substance use disorder
Disruptive behavior
Psychiatric issues
Professional Sexual misconduct
Chronic Pain
Medical issues
Boundary issues
Age Related issues

Services Include:
Evaluations and treatment referral, oversight and management
Fitness-for-Duty evaluations and Forensic assessments
Board and committee meeting representation and appearances upon request
Physician Health Programs
Post Treatment Monitoring
Working with Regulatory Agencies
Physician well-being consulting, training and management
Education and training services
Medical legal and expert witness services
Medical Review Officer
Consulting services

Drs. Greenberg and Sucher and a statewide network of group facilitators experienced in professional monitoring, work with a team of specialists including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Internal Medicine Physicians, Neurologists, Pain Management Specialists and other medical disciplines. Please call us today for more information. Toll free at 877-457-3111

Physicians Health Program, Arizona Medical Board
Greenberg and Sucher have been contracted by the Arizona Medical Board since 1992 to provide assessments, referrals for evaluations and treatment, and an extensive monitoring program for Arizona licensed MD's and PA's.

Arizona Board of Dental Examiners, Monitored Aftercare Treatment Program
Greenberg and Sucher has been contracted with the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners for over twenty years to provide assessments, referrals for evaluations and treatment, and a monitoring program for both Dentists and Hygienists since 1993.

Forensic Assessments
Greenberg and Sucher provide the following assessments:
Regulatory Agencies
Medical Review Officer Services
Child Custody
Criminal Justice
Employment and Labor Issues
Safety Sensitive Positions

Medical Legal Services
Greenberg and Sucher provide expert witness services for the legal community.

Areas of Expert Testimony Include:

Addiction Medicine
Medical Review Officer and Drug testing Issues
Addiction Medicine Evaluation
Sexual Addictions, Harassment Issues and Boundary Violations
Behavioral Process Addictions
Behavioral Health System Issues
Administrative Medicine
EMS Systems Medical Direction
Emergency Medical Dispatch

Individual Substance Use Evaluations and Treatment

Assessment of individuals for substance use disorders
Family consultations
Development and management of comprehensive treatment and monitoring plans
Individual addiction treatment

Consulting Services
Physician and other Professional Health Care Programs
Regulatory and Law Enforcement Agencies
Treatment Facilities
Medical Groups
Hospital Medical Staff and Well Being Committees
Medical and other professional schools


Preventative Drug Testing Programs

Greenberg & Sucher, P.C. has partnered with United States Drug Testing Laboratories ( ) to offer preventative drug testing programs for anesthesia groups across the country.  The goal of this program is to prevent and detect the misuse of controlled substances by anesthesiologists.  This state of the art program provides custom random drug testing programs and medical review officer oversight for anesthesia groups with the goal of preventing abuse and detecting misuse of controlled substances, including Propofol.  USDTL provides collection sites that are specifically selected to be geographically close to participants in the program, and all testing panels are designed to test for operating room drugs and can be expanded to test for other substances as well.  We also offer oversight and recommendations as part of the program which includes treatment and aftercare if necessary.  Anesthesia groups who participate in the program are provided these services on a contractual basis and each contract can be customized to meet the client’s needs.